Laura Bacic

Laura was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada and started dancing at 15 years old after discovering k-pop music videos. She started learning the song choreography in her basement and quickly got involved dancing with others who loved the music. Through this team she discovered Future Shock Ottawa and got involved in urban dance.

She soon became involved in Culture Shock, an international non-profit organization. Culture Shock provided dance training which pushed her to improve her dancing and surrounded her with positive-minded people who inspired her daily. During this time she began to develop an interest in heels classes and choreography after discovering Youtube videos of heels classes in Los Angeles.


I n August 2016 she attended the Galen Hooks Method in New York City. This experience completely changed her view of dance. Laura learned valuable insight‍‍ about herself as a dancer and performer that changed her approach to dance and she started to pursue dance seriously. Since then she has sought out training as frequently as possible in Toronto, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Laura has been involved with Culture Shock for four years and is currently the Artistic Director for Culture Shock Ottawa. With Culture Shock she has had numerous opportunities to perform onstage, most notably at the Los Angeles International Showcase. Laura has also competed in urban dance competitions with PNL Dance Co., an Ottawa dance team. In Toronto she is grateful to have been able to train under Hollywood Jade through DARK Dance’s Commercial Training Program and under Kaela Faloon with Sensual Heeling.


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Photo by Julie Lan

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